Yingbin Bai

About me

My name is Yingbin Bai, a PhD student of The Univerisity of Sydney. My supervisor is Prof.Tongliang Liu. Before I came to The Univerisity of Sydney, I have been worked in the industry for many years, focusing on using IT techniques to address agriculture problems. I believe Machine learning will become a new key to improve agriculture production. In my spare time, I love traveling and taking pictures.

My research interests lie in weakly supervised learning and unsupervised representation learning. If you have any ideas or meet any problems, you're more than welcome to discuss them.

  • Address: Sydney, Australia
  • Email:  ybai6430@uni.sydney.edu.au

Academic Activity

09/2021, I partcipated in MICCAI QUBIQ Challenge 2021, and got the 2nd place.


Me-Momentum: Extracting Hard Confident Examples from Noisily Labeled Data
      Yingbin Bai and Tongliang Liu
      ICCV 2021

Understanding and Improving Early Stopping for Learning with Noisy Labels
      Yingbin Bai, Erkun Yang, Bo Han, Yanhua Yang, Jiatong Li, Yinian Mao, Gang Niu, and Tongliang Liu
      NeurIPS 2021